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Buena Vista County, Iowa - Beautiful View

BV Ct Trail R-3

Buena Vista County Trails Advisory Council

BV Ct Trail R-3

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Buena Vista County Trails Advisory Council

The mission of the Buena Vista County Trails Advisory Council is to assist and support the development, construction and promotion of a system of trails and trail routes within and throughout Buena Vista County and its associated communities and connection to outlying counties as well.


  • Coordinate with other trails groups to connect trails systems regionally.
  • Provide safe trials that are away from high traffic and accident areas.
  • Increase the amount of trails.
  • Increase awareness of existing trail facilities.
  • Promote long range trail planning and development of an off road hard surface trail.
  • Continue coordination efforts between local governments in Buena Vista County and Iowa DOT.
  • Provide adequate signage for all trails in Buena Vista County.


  • More trails-of all types-throughout Buena Vista County.
  • Funding for trail development of new trails and improvement of existing trails.
  • Connecting existing trail systems throughout Buena Vista County.
  • Brochures and maps of the trail system throughout Buena Vista County.
  • Communication and collaboration with other trail groups and bike clubs in surrounding counties.
  • More signage on existing trails.
  • Development of loop trails.
  • Further development of water trails.
  • Increased planning at the local level.
  • Increased coordination/communication amongst local trail groups and planners.

Future Trail Development Prioritization

  • Sign the Drive Trail
  • Completion of the Storm Lake Loop Trail
  • Sign all Bike Trail Routes
  • Iowa Great Lakes Connection
  • South Connector
  • North Connector
  • North South Link
  • West Loop
  • South East Loop
  • North East Loop
  • East Connection
  • West Connection
  • Hanover Loop
  • Mountain Bike Future Routes

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Voting Members

Organization Representative Alternate
Albert City Kim Johnson Carol Heuton
Alta Pam Henderson Ron Nuelieb
Lakeside Lyn Berkland OPEN
Marathon Teresa Snyder OPEN
Newell Chris Eldred OPEN
Rembrandt Judy Peterson OPEN
Sioux Rapids Laura Todd Lynn Barbier
Storm Lake Jon Kruse OPEN
Truesdale OPEN OPEN
BV County Don Altena Other Supervisors
Conservation Mark Kirkholm Jeff Kestel
Recreational Group 1 OPEN OPEN
Recreational Group 2 OPEN OPEN
Recreational Group 3 OPEN OPEN


Non-Voting Members

Iowa Department of Transportation

Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission

Buena Vista County GIS

Buena Vista County Planning and Zoning

Buena Vista County Road Department

Storm Lake United Marketing and  Activities



View the Buena Vista County Trails Advisory Council Bylaws