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I + S Group DD No. 34, Lateral No. 6 Cleanout and Repair

 I + S Group  Project Newsletter

DD No. 34, LATERAL No. 6 Cleanout and Repair No_ 34 Lateral No_ 6.pdf 1 Newsletter No 02 -(2015-08-27).pdf



Project Summary
Construction Summary
• Sediment Removal from the Channel
• Repair of District & Private Tile Outlets
• Repair of Surface Drain Pipes
• Spoil Leveling
• Seeding & Fertilizing Excavated Slopes
L.A. Carlson Contracting, of Merrill, Iowa was awarded the contract for the cleanout and repairs to Drainage District No. 34, Lateral No. 6. The project began with a preconstruction meeting on July 16, 2015.
The project starts where the open ditch commences at its outlet with DD 34, Main Open Ditch (North Raccoon River) in the SE ¼ of Section 17, Lincoln Township and travels west into the SE ¼ of 
Section 18. The open ditch of Lateral No. 6 continues to the west and north until terminating in the NW ¼ - NW ¼ of Section 12.  This facility serves approximately 11,850 acres, and is the outlet for
the Main Open Ditch of Drainage District No. 106 BV. In addition, Tile Drainage District No. 76 and No. 91 utilize the ditch as an outlet. The contractor has a 100 foot work limit each side of the centerline
of the ditch in order to conduct the work, and crop damages will be paid to the adjacent landowners for any row crop outside of the existing right-of-way of the open ditch. We apologize in advance
for any inconvenience and will work together with the contractor and County staff to minimize these impacts. The project is set to be completed on September 15, 2015. ISG and
Buena Vista County would like to thank the landowners and tenants for your patience and cooperation throughout the duration of this project. Many variables may impact the proposed schedule and we
will work together to keep you informed of any changes.
Project Contacts
Buena Vista County
Kristina Konradi, Drainage Clerk
Project Engineer
Brian Blomme, ISG
Construction Field Representative
Eric Yunginger, ISG
Eric Carlson; L.A. Carlson Contracting