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County Office Hours

M - F 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Drivers License Hours

M - F 8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Public Health Services Hours

M - F 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Clerk of Court Hours

M W F 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
T Th 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
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Boards & Commissions

Administrative Board Of Directors Of The 3rd Judicial District - Department Of Correctional Services

Tom Huseman – Representative

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Ag Extension Officials [176a]

Term, 4 years (by election). Chapter 176A, 2009 Code of Iowa, relates to the establishment of County Agricultural Extension Districts, and, to the organization of a County Agricultural Extension Council which cooperates with Iowa State University and the United States Department of Agriculture to further the educational programs of agricultural, home economics, and 4-H club work. 

  1. Except as otherwise provided pursuant to law for members elected in 1990, the term of office of an extension council member is four years.  The term shall commence on the first day of January following the date of the member's election which is not a Sunday or legal holiday.
  2. Each extension council shall meet at least two times during a calendar year and at other times during the year as the council determines.  The date, time, and place of each meeting shall be fixed by the council.

The 1990 Session of the 75th General Assembly changed the method of selection of the Ag Extension Councilmember's as follows: A minimum of 9 council seats were placed on the 1990 General Election ballot. Candidates filed nomination papers in the same manner as candidates for other elective office. The terms of the councilpersons were of varying lengths in order to stagger terms for future elections. 

It shall be the duty of the Council to direct all the educational programs of the Extension District, to annually prepare a budget in accordance with the "Local Budget Law", and to employ all necessary, qualified personnel. 

Member By Election Term Expires
James Hultgren 12/31/2018
Sandra Johnson 12/31/2018
Julie Hahn 12/31/2018
C.J. Bean 12/31/2018
Sallie Nichols 12/31/2018
Dustin Smith 12/31/2020
Paul Diehl 12/31/2020
Laura Sievers 12/31/2020
Melanie Bloom 12/31/2020

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Buena Vista Community Foundation

Justin Yarosevich - President
Don Peterson - Vice President
Linda Baier ( Rural BV County) - Treasurer
Mike Katchman (Sioux Rapids)
Cheryl Anderson (Linn Grove)
Dave Rydstrom (Rural BV County)
Doug Rebhuhn (Rembrandt)
Kelly Snyder ( Marathon)
Julie Sievers ( Newell)
Russ Chrischilles ( Lakeside)
Marlowe Feldman ( Albert City)

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Buena Vista County Bar Association

Ryan A Mohr, President
Gary Armstrong, Willis J Hamilton, Dave Patton, Alan Bridge, Henry Hardt, Hugh Perry, James W Gailey
W Ted Brown, Phil Havens, Phil Redenbaugh, Dan Connell ,Dave Jennett ,Steven T Roth, Katie F Morgan
Mark T Cornish, Nola Jensen, James A Schall, Mary Ann Diehl, Ryan A Mohr, Andrew J Smith, Mary Hamilson, Edean Murray, Steven D Hamilton, John Murray, Willis J Hamilton, Norris G Onley Jr, Joshua Walsh

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Buena Vista County Board of Review

Term, 6 years (by appointment). The County Board of Review, appointed by the County Conference Board, shall meet on May 1st at the office of the County Assessor and shall sit from day to day until its duties are completed, which shall not be later than the 1st day of June. The Board shall adjust the assessment, by raising or lowering, of any person, partnership, corporation or associations as to any of the items of their assessment in such a manner as to secure the listing of property at market value. It shall also add to the assessment rolls any taxable property not included therein, assessing the same in the name of the owner thereof. All meetings of the board shall be public and it shall keep minutes of its proceedings. The County Board of Review shall have all the power of local boards of review now prescribed by Section 441.31, 2009 Code of Iowa, and appeal may be taken from any Acts as provided by Section 441.37.


Glen Huntington Architect 12/31/2021
Margie Robinson Real Estate Broker 12/31/2020
Dan Robinson Appraiser 12/31/2020
Judy Bodholdt Farmer 12/31/2019
Randy Tilk Utilities Manager 12/31/2019

If you believe the assessed value of your property exceeds the anticipated market value, depending on the date, you have two options available to you.

Prior to April 1, the property owner/agent should contact the Assessor’s Office to discuss the assessment. The Assessor can make changes to the assessment up to April 1 of the current assessment year. 

Appeals to the Board of Review may be filed from April 7 through May 5. Per the Code of Iowa, the Assessor cannot make changes to the Assessment after April 1.

The links below provide information regarding the appeal and some of the requirements or suggestions you may utilize as you consider the appeal of your value to the Board of Review. Please follow the Procedural Rules when filing an appeal to the Board of Review.


Petition - Regular Session

Petition - Special Equalization Session


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Buena Vista County Board Of Supervisors

District 1 Tom Huseman
District 2 Dale Arends
District 3 Paul Merten
District 4 Rhonda Ringgenberg
District 5 Don Altena

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Buena Vista County Civil Service Commission [341A.2]

Term, 6 years (by appointment). [341A.2] The Civil Service Commission is composed of 3 members, 1 appointed by each: Board of Supervisors, Presiding District Court Judge, and County Attorney. 


Member Appointed By Term Expires
Don Diehl Board Of Supervisors 12/31/2017
Georgia Weaver County Attorney 12/31/2019
Cornelius Wabke Jr Judges 12/31/2021

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Buena Vista County Compensation Board [331.905]

Term, 4 years (by appointment). Chapter 331.905, 1999 Code of Iowa creates a County Compensation Board composed of 7 members. Each elected official (Attorney, Auditor, Recorder, Sheriff, and Treasurer) appoints a member, with the Board of Supervisors appointing 2 members. The Board shall annually review the compensation paid to comparable offices in other Iowa counties, other states, private enterprise, and the federal government. It shall prepare a recommended compensation schedule. This schedule shall be submitted to the Board of Supervisors for approval or amendment to become effective on the 1st day of July next following its adoption by the Board of Supervisors. 

Dan Connell: Attorney's Representative Thru 6/30/2017
Zach Ruroden: Recorder's Representative Thru 6/30/2017
Brad Jones: Supervisor's Representative Thru 6/30/2017
Steve Brashears: Treasurer's Representative Thru 6/30/2019
Barb Wetherell: Auditor's Representative Thru 6/30/2019
Jeff Stewart: Sheriff's Representative Thru 6/30/2019

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Buena Vista CountyCoop/COG Planning Committee

Merten - representative

Buena Vista County Conservation Board [350.2]

Term, 5 years (by appointment).  Chapter 350 of the 1999 Code of Iowa authorizes the Board of Supervisors to appoint a 5-member Conservation Board to plan, develop, preserve, administer and maintain all parks and playgrounds of the county.  By this authority, the Conservation Board authorizes the Board of Supervisors to levy a tax on all real estate of the county.  The funds raised are to be used to cultivate good citizenship by providing adequate programs of public recreation.  







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Buena Vista County Eminent Domain Compensation Commission [6B.4]

Eminent Domain Compensation Commission
Term, 1 year (by appointment). The Board of Supervisors shall appoint annually not less than 28 residents of the county to serve as members of a Compensation Commission. One-fourth each, of those appointed, shall be owner-operators of agricultural property, owners of city property, licensed real estate salespersons or brokers, and persons having knowledge of property values in the county by reason of their occupation, such as bankers, auctioneers, appraisers, etc. The Chief Judge of the Judicial District shall select 6 people from the list to assess the damages to the property concerned according to Sec. 6B of the 1999 Code of Iowa. The appraisal of damages shall be final unless appealed.

Farmers: Stan Peters,  Becky Dirkx, Mike Pedersen ,Rich Langner, Phil Driver, Don Peterson (1 vacancies)
Realtors:  Clark Fort, Margie Robinson, Rob Smith, Marv Munden, Steve Jimmerson, Mark Williams,  (1 vacancies)
For Cities: Denny Weber (6 vacancies)
For Their Occupation: Mark Rehnstrom,Ben Nesheim, Randy Johnson, Kevin Cone, Jim Haroldson, (2 vacancies), Don Diehl, Eric Mosbo, Don Diehl

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Buena Vista County Engineer

Bret Wilkinson

Buena Vista County Examining Board (441.3)

Examining Board 
Term, 6 years (by appointment). The Examining Board is composed of 3 persons, 1 selected by each voting unit of the Conference Board. When a vacancy in the office of County Assessor occurs, the Examining Board requests a list of individuals eligible for appointment from the Iowa Dept of Revenue and Finance. The Examining Board prepares a written report on said list for the Director of Revenue and Finance. The Conference Board makes the selection from the list on said report. [441.8]

Member Appointed By Term Expires
Keri Navratil - Mayors 12/31/2021
Rob Olsen School - Board Representatives 12/31/2021
Dave Drey - Supervisors 12/31/2021

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Buena Vista County Fair Board

Membership is attained by buying a share of stock, with application for membership to be submitted prior to the annual meeting in November, and with acceptance determined by vote of the members. Annually, the Fair Board conducts a county fair in July. The Raceway Association is a committee of the Fair Board. Races are currently held through the summer months.
Website: http//

Randy Robbins-President
Brent Meyer - Vice President
Jake Schable-Secretary/manager
Sierra Phipps-Treasurer

Board Of Directors:
Randy Robbins, Brent Meyer, Jake Heuton, Sierra Phipps, Arlo Hogrefe, Cody Ann Demers

Jim Peterson, Jake Schable, Robbie Carlson, Elissa Goebel, Jeff Demers

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Buena Vista County Local Emergency Management Commission [29c.9]

The Emergency Management Commission, formerly known as the Disaster Services Board, shall be composed of the county board of Supervisors, and the Mayors (or their representatives) of the cities within the county, and the Sheriff of the county. The Board shall appoint a coordinator who shall be responsible for the administration and coordination of all civil defense and emergency planning matters throughout the county, both man - made and natural disasters. 

Aimee Barritt

Dale Arends - delegate

Tom Huseman - alternate


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Buena Vista County Planning & Zoning Commission

Eight members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, with the Zoning Director serving as administrative secretary. Members may be removed by vote of the Board of Supervisors after investigating a need for this action. Any matter coming before the commission requires a majority vote to pass, and the chairman, elected by the members may also cast a vote.  Duties include development of county a zoning ordinance, and sub-division ordinances, in concurrence with the Board of Supervisors and the County Engineer. Also, the commission has enforcement responsibilities for the ordinances with regard to any changes within the county’s zoning and recommendations of subdivisions within these ordinances. All recommendations made by the commission are then presented the Board of Supervisors for final disposition.

Administrator - Kim Johnson, Albert City
Barnes And Brooke - , Alta
Elk And Scott - Victor Hansen, Storm Lake
Nokomis And Washington- Roger Peterson, Alta
Maple Valley And Hayes -Steve Gustafson                 , Storm Lake
Lee And Poland - Kermit Schultze, Marathon
Fairfield And Lincoln - Gary Sundblad, Albert City
Newell And Providence- , Newell
Grant And Coon - Dennis Gutz, Newell

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Buena Vista E-911 Service Board [34A.3]

The purpose of the Buena Vista County E-911 Service Board is to plan and develop E-911 emergency telephone service for people living within the confines of the Buena Vista County E-911 Service area. The Board shall provide management and oversight of the system and set forth and define standards, policies, and rules of operation for the E-911 Service System. 

Representative Supervisor Storm Lake
Dale Arends- Representative

Tom Huseman- altenate

Secretary & E911 Coordinator
Mark Van Hooser

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Buena Vista County Trails Advisory Council

The mission of the Buena Vista County Trails Advisory Council is to assist and support the development, construction and promotion of a system of trails and trail routes within and throughout Buena Vista County and its associated communities and connection to outlying counties as well. 


Voting Members


Organization Representative Alternate
Albert City Kim Johnson Carol Heuton
Alta Pam Henderson Ron Nuelieb
Lakeside Lyn Berkland OPEN
Marathon Teresa Snyder OPEN
Newell Chris Eldred OPEN
Rembrandt Judy Pererson OPEN
Sioux Rapids Laura Todd Lynn Barbier
Storm Lake Jon Kruse OPEN
Truesdale OPEN OPEN
BV County Don Altena Other Supervisors
Convervation Mark Kirkholm Jeff Kestler
Rec Group 1 OPEN OPEN
Rec Group 2 OPEN OPEN
Rec Group 3 OPEN OPEN


  Non-Voting Members


                Iowa Department of Transportation

                Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission

                Buena Vista County GIS

                Buena Vista County Planning and Zoning

                Buena Vista County Road Department

                Storm Lake United Marketing and  Activities 

                View the Buena Vista County Trails Advisory Council Bylaws

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Buena Vista Solid Waste Commission [28e.2]

Don Altena - Supervisor
Tom Huseman - Alternate
Abe Falkena - Albert City
Megan Peterson - Alta
Gary Wallburg - Lakeside
Starr Abbas - Marathon
Dave Wiley - Newell
Eric Mosbo - Rembrandt
David Althaus - Sioux Rapids
Mike Wilson - Storm Lake
Barry Meyer - Truesdale

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Buena Vista Local De-Cat Board

Rhonda Ringgenberg - Representative

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Buena Vista County Judges

Magistrate - Josh Walsh
Juvenile -Mary Timko

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Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center

Paul Merten - Representative
Dale Arends – Alternate

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Buena Vista County Medical Examiner And Deputies [331.801]

Dr David Crippin, County Medical Examiner
Tim Speers, Chief Medical Examiner 
Greg Ebersole, Deputy Medical Examiner 
Dave Patton, Deputy Medical Examiner 
Matt Imming, Deputy Medical Examiner



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Cherokee MHI Advisory Council

Dawn Mentzer

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Compass Point aka: Northwest Iowa Alcohol And Drug Treatment Unit

Tom Huseman
Dale Arends

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County Case Management Services Board

Paul Merten

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Custodian Of Supervisors Records

Susan K Lloyd

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 Drainage Attorney

 Gary Armstrong

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Drainage District #181, #274, #14-42, #22, And #150 Interim Board

Dale Arends - Delegate

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Drug And Alcohol Testing Alliance

Bret Wilkinson - SecondaryContact
Karen Crilly- Primary Contact

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Equal Employment Opportunity Officer

Paul Merten, Supervisor

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Friends Of Little Lake Discovery Center Board

Paul Merten

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Inheritance Tax Commission [Code Section 450.24]

W Ted Brown
Paul Havens
Corwin Ritchie

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Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation

Tom Huseman- Representative

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Iowa Lakes RC & D Board

Dale Arends - Representative
BOS remaining members - Alternate
Phil Driver - At Large Representative

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MAP21 Enhancement Committee

Dale Arends- Representative
All Other Board Members - Delegates

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MAP21 Technical Committee

Bret Wilkinson - Technical Representative
Preston Jacobs- Alternate

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Judicial Magistrate Appointing Commission [602.6503] (6 Year Term)

Judicial Magistrate Appointing Commission 
Term, 6 years (by appointment). [602.6503] The Judicial Magistrate Appointing Commission (Section of the 1999 Code of Iowa) is composed of the following members: a district court judge, (designated by the chief judge of the district), 3 members appointed by the Board of Supervisors, and 2 attorneys elected by the County Bar. The magistrate shall have jurisdiction over non-indictable misdemeanors, including traffic and ordinance violations, preliminary hearings, search warrant proceedings, forcible entry and detainer actions, and small claims. 

Appointed By Board Of Supervisors
Term: 1/1/2014-12/31/2020 Becky Drahota
Term: 1/1/2014-12/31/2020 Don Diehl (filling vacancy 3/21/2017-12/31/2020)
Term: 1/1/2014-12/31/2020 Sara Monroy Huddleston (filling vacancy 3/21/2017-12/31/2020)

Appointed By BV County Bar Association
Term: 10/11/2015-12/31/2020 Dave Jennett
Term: 10/11/2015-12/31/2020 Mark Cornish

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Labor Negotiations

Don Altena- Representative
All Other Board Members – Delegates/

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Lake Improvements Commission

Seven Members Total From The Following Entities
Buena Vista County - Don Altena
Buena Vista County - Tom Huseman
City Of Lakeside - Kathy Pomeranke
City Of Storm Lake - Sara Huddleston
City Of Storm Lake - David Walker
Lake Preservation Association - Gary Lalone
Lake Preservation Association - Steve Roth

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Lincoln Benefited Fire District Board Of Trustees (Appointed)

Jim Nelsen appointed clerk 6/30/2019
Mark Herrig Thru 6/2018
Tim Heuton Thru 6/2017

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Local Board of Health [137.4] (3 Year Term)

The Board of Health’s basic obligation is to the community, whom it represents, but it also has a responsibility to the people who use the service, and to the programs and staff of Public Health & Home Care and Environmental Health which it governs.

The membership of the Buena Vista County Board of Health shall consist of five (5) persons appointed by the Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors, at least one (1) of whom shall be a physician licensed to practice in the state of Iowa.

Board members include:
CHAIRPERSON: Jon McKenna, RPh thru 12/31/2018

VICE CHAIRPERSON: Dr. Scott Wulfekuhler thru 12/31/2019
SECRETARY: Brian Blomme thru 12/31/2017
MEMBER: Peg Hinkeldey, RN thru 12/31/2017
MEMBER: Rhonda Ringgenberg, Board of Supervisor thru 12/31/2018

Ordinances Adopted by the Board of Health

Lead Base Paint
Quarantine and Isolation

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Lock - Out /Tag-out Program

Joe Keller

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Mental Health Advocate [229.19]

Connie Barrett

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Northwest Iowa Planning And Development Commission

Dale Arends – Delegate
Rhonda Ringgenberg- Delegate
Jim Patrick
Jon Kruse

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Northwest Iowa Regional Housing Authority [28e.2]

Sandy Johnson Thru 12/31/2017

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Northwest Iowa Regional Housing Trust Fund

Tom Huseman
Marlowe Feldman

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NW IA Juvenile Detention Center (YES)

Dale Arends- Representative

Tom Huseman - Alternate

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Region III Emergency Planning Council

Arends– Delegate

Huseman - Alternate

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Regional Investment Board (Formerly Iowa Workforce Development Board-region 5)

Dale Arends-Delegate

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Regional Transit Board (RIDES)

Dale Arends – Delegate

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Rolling Hills Community Services Region Governance Board

Merten - representative

S.H.I.E.L.D. Board

Dale Arends - Representative
Paul Merten – Alternate

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Sanitary District, Lake Creek CC Trustee [358.9][6 year term]

Neal Kuehl (Term Expires 1/2/2023)
Glen Huntington (Term Expires 1/2/2021)
Daniel Jones (Term Expires 1/2/2019)

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Sanitary District, Southwest Shoreline Trustee [ 358.9] [6 year term] 

Bob Bergendoff (Term Expires 1/2/2023)
Steve Anderson (Term Expires 1/2/2020)

Neal Kuehl (Term Expires 1/1/2023)

Harry Schaller (Term Expires 1/2/2019)

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Storm Lake Airport Master Plan Advisory Committee

Ringgenberg representative

Storm Lake United Development

Rhonda Ringgenberg- Representative

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Storm Lake United Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund

Paul Merten- Ex-Officio Member
Don Altena- Ex-Officio Member

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Storm Lake Water Quality Project Advisory Committee

Rhonda Ringgenberg

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Synergy/Jackson RecoveryCenter

Tom Huseman - Representative



Title VI Coordinator

Bret Wilkinson


3- County Early Childhood Iowa Board Board (Empowerment) 

Rhonda Ringgenberg - Representative

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U.S. 20 Corridor Task Force

Paul Merten- Representative
Dale Arends - Alternate

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Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc, Board

Don Altena- Delegate
Dale Arends – Alternate

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Veterans Affairs Commission [Chapter 35b] (3 Year Term)

Term, 3 years (by appointment); bond $500 each. As provided for in Chapter 35B.4 of the 1999 Code of Iowa, the Board of Supervisors is required to appoint a 3-member commission to administer the Veteran's Relief Program. Members of the commission must be citizens of the United States who have been honorably discharged from one of the country's Armed Forces and who have served in any wars of this country. The membership must be equally divided, as nearly as possible, among veterans of the various wars. They shall prepare a budget annually and submit same to the Board of Supervisors for approval and appropriation. This commission shall disburse the Veterans Program of the county under the control of the Board of Supervisors. They meet the first Thursday of each month, and other times as necessary. 

Rich HaldinThru 6/30/2018
Gar Otto Thru 6/30/2017
Pam Jacobson Thru 6/30/2019

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Western Iowa Tourism Council

Tom Huseman

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Whitney Pit Farm And South Hayes Pit Farm

Paul Merten - For Leases
Bret Wilkinson & Paul Merten -  For Grain Sales At The South Hayes Pit

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Zoning Board Of Adjustment [335.10]

Term, 5 years (by appointment) [335.10] The Board of Adjustment consists of 5 members, appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  

The duties of the Board of Adjustment are to hear and decide on appeals, special exceptions and variances. Members shall appoint a chairman and co-chairman with the zoning director acting as the secretary. 

Zoning Administrator:
Kim Johnson

Dist 1: Thru12/31/2020
 Jason Meyer

Dist 2: Thru 12/31/2017
 Greg Sundblad

Dist 3: Thru 12/31/2018
 Steve Lind

Dist 4: Thru 12/31/2021
 Richard Langner

Dist 5: Thru 12/31/2019
Rick Sievers

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County Operations Committees

ADA Coordinator
Susan Lloyd

Buena Vista County Courthouse Committee
 Supervisor-volunteer Joe Keller, Grounds

Buena Vista County Facilities Committee
 Bret Wilkinson, Susan Lloyd, Joe Keller, Shari O'Bannon And Paul Merten

Buena Vista County Personnel Committee
Bret Wilkinson, Don Altena,Sherie Elbert , Susan Lloyd, Leigh Madsen

Buena Vista County Safety Committee
Mike Raner - S.H.E.I.L.D. Safety Coordinator
Dale Arends, Kory Elston, Bruce McGowan, Ron Reckamp, Aimee Barritt, Mona Mason, Tyler VanHouten,
Joe Keller, Kim Johnson, Leigh Madsen, Greg Johnson, Linda White, Kay Evans,  John Stange

Buena Vista County Safety Coordinator
Mike Raner - S.H.E.I.L.D. Safety Coordinator

Buena Vista County Weather Committee
Bret Wilkinson, Kory Elston, Kim Johnson, Paul Merten

Buena Vista Courthouse/Judicial Security Committee

 Joe Keller, Kory Elston, Dave Patton, Joann Kinnetz, Tom Huseman, Judge Duffy

Deferred Compensation Board
Susan Lloyd, Sheri Elbert, Don Altena

HIPPAA Compliance Committee
Pam Bogue, Dawn Mentzer, Susan LLoyd, John Stange
Privacy Officer- Dale Arends; HIPPA Security Officer - Tyler Van Houten

Buena Vista County Reap Committee
Dale Arends

Buena Vista County Weed Commissioner [317.3]
Greg Johnson- Weed Commissioner

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