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Engineer’s Office

Bret Wilkinson
County Engineer
215 E 5th St.
Storm Lake, IA, 50588
Fax (712) 749-2704

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Maintenance Building
Bruce McGowan
Maintenance Supervisor
1917 Richland Ave.
Storm Lake, IA 50588

County Shop
Ron Reckamp
Head of Mechanics Shop
401 Hudson St.
Storm Lake, IA
(712) 749-2554


Term:  Employed by Board of Supervisors, each term not to exceed three years. [309.17] Bond:  $2,000-$5,000 by the Board of Supervisors [309.18] Compensation is set by the Board of Supervisors [309.18]  Qualifications:  Must be a registered professional engineer in the field of civil engineering to be eligible to be known as a county engineer. 

The County Engineer's duties include:

  •  Advise the Board as to the manner of constructing and maintaining the secondary roads.
  • Supervise all construction and maintenance work and is responsible for the efficient, economical and good-faith performance of said work.
  •  Require survey and plans for construction work on secondary roads and bridges to be prepared.
  • Certify to the County Auditor the payroll for labor.
  • Approve all withdrawals from the road fund.
  • Make an annual report to the county and state of all expenditures of or from road funds

The County Engineer’s Office is responsible for supervision of all construction and maintenance work performed on all secondary roads within the county. BV County's road system includes 1004 miles of road with 235 miles being paved and 140 bridges over 20 feet in length.

The County Engineer's Office is responsible for the design and construction of all road and bridge projects on the road system. All permits pertaining to use of the roadway are issued from the office. These include moving permits for oversize/overlength truck loads, work in the right-of-way authorization, underground utility permits, and approval of driveways/field entrances.

The County Secondary Road Department is responsible for general maintenance on all county roads. this includes installing of traffic signs, maintaining road surfaces, ditch drainage on the road right-of-way, vegetation control, and winter snow and ice control.

The County Engineer's Office is located on the ground floor of the Courthouse. The Secondary Road Department operates out of its main shop in Storm Lake with outlying shops in Alta, Albert City, Linn Grove, Marathon, Newell, Rembrandt, and Sioux Rapids.

The County Engineer’s Office is the first contact for drainage ditch issues, All drainage records are held in the Engineer’s Office