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Moving Permits

Iowa General Provisions For Oversize Load Permit

The State of Iowa, the Iowa Department of Transportation and any other permit issuing authority assume no responsibility for the property of the permit holder. During movement under permit, the permit holder must meet the terms and conditions of the permit and must take all reasonable precautions to protect and safeguard the lives and property of the traveling public and adjacent property owners. A copy of a current certificate of public liability insurance in the amounts of $100,000 bodily injury each person, $200,000 bodily injury each occurrence, and $50,000 property damage must be carried in the vehicle for which the permit has been issued. Nothing shall exempt the permit holder from compliance with any load limitations which have been or might be established on any bridge or road that is posed with embargo signs. The permit and any revisions will be void if the actual weights or dimensions exceed what is indicated on the permit or its revisions. Permits can be issued only for loads that are a single article that cannot be reasonably broken down to make it legal in size and weight. The permit must be carried in the cab of the vehicle for which it has been issued and be available for inspection.

Movement is allowed seven days a week except for designated holidays and for special events when abnormally high traffic counts can be expected. The designated holidays are: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. No movement will be allowed on these holidays or after 12 noon on days preceding these holidays and holiday weekends which include holidays that fall on Monday, except as provided for in Section 321.457 of the Code.

Any reportable accident involving a vehicle operation under permit must be reported in writing to the Director of the Office of Motor Carrier Services, P.O. Box 10382, Des Moines, IA 50306-0382.

Escort Requirements - Escorts must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid Class A, B, C, or D driver's license, and carry proof of public liability insurance in the amounts of $100,000/$200,000/$50,000. The escort vehicle must be approximately the size of a normal passenger automobile or pickup and must have an amber revolving light. The Light must be at least 7" high and 7" in diameter, with at least 100-candlepower lamp providing 360° warning (or a strobe light), and be mounted on top of the escort vehicle which must be burning while escorting a permit load. An 18" square red flag must be on each corner of the front bumper of the vehicle.

A rear escort is required when vehicle length exceeds 120 feet.

A rear escort is required when the width of the vehicle and load is over 16 feet 6 inches and travel is on 4 lane roadways.

A rear escort or amber light or strobe light on the power unit and on the rear extremity of the vehicle or load when width exceeds one-half the roadway up to and including 16 feet 6 inches and travel is on 4 lane roadways.

A front escort is required when: Width is up to and including 14 feet 6 inches and exceeds one-half the roadway and travel is on 2 lane roadways with lane width less than 12 feet OR Width is up to and including 14 feet 6 inches and exceeds one-half the roadway and travel is on 2 lane roadways with lane width 12 feet or more without sufficient shoulders OR Width is over 14 feet 6 inches and travel is on 2 lane roadways.

A front escort - or an amber light or strobe light on the power unit and on the rear extremity of the vehicle or load, when width is up to and including 14 feet 6 inches and exceeds one-half the roadway and travel is on 2 lane roadways with lane width 12 feet or more with sufficient shoulders. 

A front escort with mounted height pole is required when height exceeds 14 feet 4 inches up to and including 20 feet. An escort but no height pole is required after 20 feet.

Lighting Requirements - An amber revolving light at least 7 inches high and 7 inches in diameter with at least a 100-candlepower lamp providing 360 degree warning (or strobe light) visible from front and rear, mounted on the towing unit is required when: Length exceeds 85 feet up to and including 120 feet OR Frontend projection exceeds 25 feet OR rearend projection exceeds 10 feet OR Weight exceeds 80,000 pounds. An escort can be used in lieu of amber light.

Signs and Flags -  Signs and flags are required when a vehicle and load exceeds 75 feet in lenght, 8 feet 6 inches in width, and/or 15 feet 4 inches in height. In addition flags are required when the vehicle rear projection exceeds 4 feet. A sign reading "Oversize Load" must be at least 18 inches high by 7 feet long with a minimum of 12 inch black letters with a 1-1/2 inch stroke, on a yellow background, and mounted on the front bumper and on the rear of the load. A rear sign for mobile homes must be mounted at least 7 feet above the highway surface, measuring from the bottom of the sign. Flags must be red or orange fluorescent and at least 18 inches square must be mounted as follows: one flag at each front corner of teh towing unit and one flag at reach rear corner of the load. In addition, there must be a flag at any additional protrusion in the width of the load. The signs or warning devices must be mounted so they can be removed or covered with the vehicle is within legal dimensions.

Definition of sufficient sholder - A gravel or paved surface extending a minimum of 6 feet beyond the edge of the roadway.

Requirements for Continuous Moves - Vehicles and loads may travel by permit between 1/2 hour after sunset and 1/2 hour before sunrise if, in addition to the general provisions and general requirements specified by the permit, the following conditions are met.

a. Dimensions shall not exceed:

(1) Width. 11 feet.
(2) Height. 14 feet, 4 inches.
(3) Length. 100 feet.
(4) Weight. Permittedaxle limits.

b. Travel must be on roadways with a minimum width of 22 feet and minimum lane width of 11 feet.

c. Safety lighting shall be provided at teh widest part of a load. The lamps my be place at the outer ends of the load itself or on appurtenances which are equal in width to the widest part of the load and positioned at both extreme front and rear of teh vehicle or trailoer as follows:

(1) One lighted red lamp on each side at teh rear of the load.
(2) One lighted yellow or amber lamp on each side at the front of the load.

Telephone number for more information (515) 237-3264

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