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Utility Underground Permits

The utility company, corporation, applicant, permit holder or licensee, (hereinafter referred to as the Permit Holder) agrees with Buena Vista County that the following stipulations and those special requirements on the front shall govern this permit.

A. General

1. The installation shall meet the requirements of local municipal, county, state, and federal laws, franchise rules and regulations, regulations and directives of the Iowa State Commerce Commission; Utilities Division, the Department of Natural Resources, all rules and regulations of the County and any other laws or regulations applicable.

2. The Permit Holder shall be fully responsible for any future adjustments of its facilities within the established highway right-of-way caused by highway construction or maintenance operations.

3. This permit shall be terminated 20 years from date of approval for gas and water mains outside the corporate limits of a municipality in accordance with the Code of Iowa, Chapter 320. Renewal may be requested.

4. Non-compliance with any of the terms of the County's policy, permit or agreement, may be considered cause for shut-down of utility construction operations or withholding of relocation reimbursement until compliance is assured, or revocation of the permit. The cost of any work caused to be performed by the County in removal of non-complying construction will be assessed against the Permit Holder.

B. Construction and Maintenance

1. The location, construction and maintenance of the utility installation covered by this application shall be in accordance with the current Utility Accommodation Policy as per Iowa Department of Transportation.

2. A copy of the approved permit shall be available on the job site at all times for examination by Department officials.

3. All traffic control including sign placement and flagging are the responsibility of the Permit Holder. The original placement of signs and their removal upon completion of the work shall be accomplished by the Permit Holder.

4. Operations in the construction and maintenance of said utility installation shall be carried on in such a manner as to cause minimum interference to or distraction of traffic on said highway.

5. The Permit Holder shall carry on the construction, repair and maintenance of the accommodated utility with serious regard to the safety of the traveling public and adjacent property owners. Traffic control shall be in accordance with Part VI of the current Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways.

6. Unless specifically noted in this application, all work performed within the right-of-way shall be restricted to a time frame of 30 minutes after sunrise to 30 minutes before sunset.

7. The Permit Holder shall be responsible for any damage that may result to said highway because of the construction operation or maintenance of said utility and shall reimburse the County any expenditure that the county may have to make on said highway because of said Permit Holder's utility having been constructed, operated and maintained thereon.

8. As built plans for all installations shall be furnished to the County within 90 days of the completion of the project.  Said plans shall include a plan and profile and location from the civil monument.

9. The Plan Holder agrees to reimburse the County for all inspection cost during construction as deemed necessary by the County Engineer.

C. Liability

1. The Permit Holder shall indemnify and save harmless the County of Buena Vista, its agencies and employees, from any and all causes of action, suits at law or in equity, for losses, damages, claims or demands, and from any and all liability and expense of whatsoever nature, arising out of or in connection with the Permit Holder's use or occupancy of the public highway.

2. Buena Vista County assume no responsibility for damages to the Permit Holder's property occasioned by any construction or maintenance operations on said highway if Permit Holder has been notified in accordance with stipulation number D.3. or if the facilities are not located in accordance with this permit.

3. Buena Vista County, its agencies or employees, will be liable for expense incurred by the Permit Holder in its use and occupancy of the highway right-of-way only when negligence of the County, its agencies or employees, is the sole proximate cause of such expense. Whether in contract, tort or otherwise, the liability of the County, its agencies and employees, is limited to the reasonable, direct expenses to repair damaged utilities, and in no event will such liability extend to loss of profits or business, indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages.

D. Notification

1. The Permit Holder is responsible for contacting Iowa One-Call (1-800-292-8989) and request the location of any underground utilities forty-eight (48) hours before excavation. Before beginning work in the highway right-of- the Permit Holder shall also contact any other known utility located in the area of the proposed work.

2. The Permit Holder agrees to give the County forty-eight hours notice of its intention to start construction or to perform routine maintenance on the highway right-of-way. Said notice shall be made to the contact person whose name is shown on the front side.

3. The County shall give the Permit Holder at least forty-eight hours notice of any proposed construction or maintenance work, on either existing or newly acquired right-of-way when the proposed work will be within ten feet of a utility location as previously approved by the County by permit or written agreement. The Permit Holder shall be responsible within this timeframe to arrange to protect its facilities.

Disclosure Statement: The information furnished on this form will be used by Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors to determine approval or denial of the application. Failure to provide all information will result in denial of the application. Information furnished is public information and copies may be provided to the public upon request.

Utility Permit Form