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Food & Food Service Establishment

Food is an essential component of the environment, and has long been recognized as a vehicle of disease transmission. There are more reported illnesses associated with the consumption of food than all other environmental factors combined. The local food service inspection program effectively safeguards the public health by providing inspections, food worker certification programs, response to food safety questions, and individualized instruction in food sanitation. Our agency inspects all restaurants, grocery stores, bars, schools, warehouses, bakeries, convenience stores, and hotel/motels.

Foodborne illnesses have a major public health impact in the United States. It is estimated that each year in the United States, 76 million people get sick, more than 300,000 are hospitalized, and 5,000 die as a result of foodborne illnesses, primarily the very young, elderly, and the immunocompromised. Unfortunately, substantial progress in preventing certain foodborne illnesses such as typhoid and cholera has led to complacency in both the public and the medical profession. This, coupled with recent changes in human demographics and eating behavior, technology and industry, international travel and commerce, microbial adaptation, economic development and land use, and the breakdown of public health measures, has resulted in new and reemerging foodborne illnesses. It is more critical than ever for food services to use safe handling practices. Educating food service operators is the primary focus of the food inspection program.

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