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Well Information

Private well water testing

Coliform Bacteria and Nitrates are the most common forms of contamination found in private water wells. Private water tests through the Grants To Counties Program are FREE, and our staff will take the sample and mail you the results. We will make recommendations on how you can correct the problem if your well is contaminated.

Well closings and rehabilitation

Contamination of our groundwater is most common through old abandoned wells or poorly constructed wells. The groundwater moves through the soil and any well that taps into this vital resource is a potential channel for pollution. Many abandoned wells are not covered adequately and small animals are often found floating in the water. This polluted well has direct contact with the water others are using everyday for drinking and bathing. Poorly constructed wells are also a channel for pollution, and some wells can be rehabilitated to produce good water The Grants To Counties Program provides cost share assistance plug or correct well construction problems that may allow contaminants to enter the well and the groundwater supply.

Well construction permits

New wells need to be constructed in a sound manner, and in locations where contaminants are not able to penetrate the groundwater. It is for this reason, that anyone having a well drilled must obtain a permit prior to having the work completed. The well driller also must be a State Certified Well Driller in order for them to work in the State of Iowa.

Well Permits are required on all private wells including drinking water wells, vertical heat pump wells, livestock wells, monitoring wells, etc. A permit fee of $75 is required on all wells. Well drillers are required to arrange for a permit prior to starting work. A penalty may apply if a permit is not obtained and a well may be required to be filled in if standards are not met.