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Flu Clinics Schedules

If you get the flu, it doesn’t just affect your health. You may expose family, friends, and co-workers to an infection that kills an average of 36,000 people each year in the United States. It is very important to be vaccinated each year to prevent this disease as the flu strains change each year. Buena Vista Public Health and Home Care believes it is important to get vaccinated and provides flu clinics in each community in our county during flu season. We also provide flu vaccinations for school personnel and businesses. Medicare Part B covers the flu shot for all those eligible. Others may choose to pay a minimal fee for the vaccine. Children who meet eligibility requirements may also be covered under Vaccine For Children (VFC) program.

A listing of clinics in our county will be posted during flu season. For additional information or questions feel free to call our office at 712-749-2548.


  2016 Flu Clinic Schedule

AWAYSIS Drive Though Clinic

Form For Flu Clinic 

Why get vaccinated?  Influenza “Flu” is a contagious disease.  It is caused by the influenza virus, which can be spread by coughing, sneezing, or nasal secretions.


Get the vaccine as soon as it is available.


If you have a severe allergy to eggs you should not get the vaccine.  A severe allergy to any vaccine component may be a reason not to get the vaccine.  Allergic reactions to influenza vaccine are rare.


Mild problems:  soreness, redness, or swelling where shot was given, hoarseness, sore red or itchy eyes, cough, fever aches, headache itching fatigue.  If the problems occur, they usually begin soon after the shot and last 1-2 days.


Life-threatening allergic reactions from vaccines are very rare.  If they do occur, it is usually within a few hours after the shot.


Bring $25.00 or your Medicare Card part b card with you.  Humana Gold is NOT accepted.