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Buena Vista County, Iowa - Beautiful View

Contact Public Health and Homecare

Pam Bogue RNC, Administrator
Assistant Administrator/ Immunization Coordinator:
Mona Mason
Fiscal manager:
Anne Thompson
Public Health Coordinator:
Jackie Regennitter, RNC
Public Health Nurse
Keri Geery, RNC
PHEP Coordinator:
Doreen Pedersen,RN
Home Care Aide Supervisor:
Carolyn Armstrong, HCA
Home Care Aide/ Homemaker Staff:
Cristina Ites, HCA
Tammi Schultz, HCA
Family STEPS Workers:
Tiffany Smith, BS
Janet Gritten, BS
Araseli Tello


Public Health and Home Care
East Richland Annex
1709 East Richland Annex
P.O. Box 1332
Storm Lake IA 50588
P: 712-749-2548
After Hours: 712-299-3498
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Safe Sharps Program

The Buena Vista County Public Health and Home Care is aware that the community has a health needs requiring the use of sharps, i.e. syringes and needles. For agency staff and public safety, sharps in unapproved containers will not be accepted.

Buena Vista County Public Health and Home Care will follow OSHA Standards.

  • The public can pick up a sharps container for a minimum charge from Public Health office and return it to Public Health office when the container is ready to be disposed of at no additional charge
  • Only sharps in containers purchased from the agency will be handled by agency staff.
  • Staff will not deliver or pick up sharp containers at homes, unless that person is a client participating in an agency program.
  • Instructions regarding proper closure of sharp container will accompany each container.
  • A contact list of who picked up containers will be maintained.

Prices are:
2 gallon container $10.00
1 gallon container $ 5.00

If you have any questions, please give our agency a call at 712-749-2548. Our office hours are Monday- Friday 8am – 4:30 pm.