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Annual Service and Budget Plan FY 2018:
Rolling Hills Community Services Region(RHCS) was formed under Iowa Code Chapter 28E to create a mental health and disability service region in compliance with Iowa Code 331.390.  In compliance with IAC 441-25 the RHCS Management Plan includes three parts:  Annual Service and Budget Plan, Annual Report and Policies and Procedures Manual.  The Annual Service and Budget Plan includes the services to be provided and the cost of those services, local access points, Targeted Case Management agencies, a plan for ensuring effective crisis prevention and a description of the scope of services, projection of need and cost to meet the need, and provider reimbursement provisions.  The Annual Service and Budget Plan has been approved by the Rolling Hills Community Service Region's Governing board and is subject to approval by the Director of Human Services.  RHCS management plans are available in each local RHCS office and on the County and DHS Websites. To view the entire Plan: click here:


Regional Transition Plan   
Access Points:
An access point is a part of the service system or community that shall be trained to complete the MH/DS funding applications for persons with a disability and forward such applications to the local Community Services Office.  The following table contains the local access points that were in existence in the counties prior to regionalization and we designated them as access points for the Rolling Hills Community Services Region to ensure a seamless transition.  To view the full list in PDF:
 click here:

Strategic Plan:

Mission Statement:
Rolling Hills Community Services Region is committed to ensuring access to high quality, value-added community-based services for all eligible citizens within our communities that encourage resiliency, stability and growth. To view the full Strategic Plan in PDF:   click here: 

Regional Service System Managment Plan:
This regional Mental Health and Disability Services Management Plan will describe both the framework for system design that RHCS will orgainze, the process for making progress in the direction of that vision, as well as the specific activities within the system that will be funded and monitored directly by RHCS.  This plan meets the requirements of Iowa Code section 331.393, and provides for cost-effective, individualized services and supports that assist persons with disabilities to be as independent, productive, and integrated into the community as possible, within the constraints of available resources.  To view the Regional Service System Management Plan: click here: